Alyssa Jiwani (she/her) is a multi-hyphenated artist from Seattle, WA. She is currently pursuing a double major of a BFA in Drama and a BS in Educational Theatre at New York University's Tisch School of Drama, Steinhardt School of Education, and at the Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. Alyssa is the Founder & Artistic Director of The Virtual Theatre Co, an online-based educational theatre organization striving to increase diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity in the performing arts industry. Alyssa has been performing for her whole life, and her dream is to become a successful actress, and empower and inspire young brown girls--showing them that their dreams can come true. Some of Alyssa's other artistic experience includes; Impact Artist Ambassador for Entertainment for Change, Director of Operations for Broadway of Tomorrow, Young Ambassador at Seattle Theatre Group, Social Media/Outreach Manager for Bringing You Broadway, and much more. Alyssa's work has been featured by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Actor Aesthetic blog and podcast, Broadway World, and more.

about me!

Hi! My name is Alyssa Jiwani, and I am a multi-hyphenated artist from Seattle, WA, pursuing a double major in Drama and Educational Theatre at NYU Tisch/Steinhardt! I have grown up a huge lover of the arts--I started off with Bollywood dancing and Indian singing! I was always dancing, and everyone who knew me knew I loved the spotlight. I began taking choir and drama, I fell in love with theatre and musical theatre. As I grew older, I found myself not just loving being onstage/onscreen, but doing anything I could to be in the "room where it happens." I began directing, choreographing, teaching, and more!

Some of my favorite high school production moments include when I was one of the youngest cast members of the Advanced Musical Theatre production of Big Fish, during my freshman year of HS! That was the show I knew I wanted to pursue theatre. My sophomore year highlight was co-choreographing and starring in The Music Man as Zaneeta Shinn! Junior year, I became the first student director at my school, co-directing a middle school production of Fools. I also joined Village Theatre KIDSTAGE that year, in a production of Freaky Friday The Musical! Another highlight of junior year was co-directing a double-casted production of Our Town, and starring as Emily Webb in one of the casts. My senior year, I worked on a production of Seussical, as a Bird Girl and understudying Mayzie. I helped create the first ever understudy performance at my school! I have so many amazing memories, I can't even begin to touch on them all.

In addition to being a part of over 20 productions in the last seven years, I have also been lucky enough to be a part of theatre in other ways! I joined Seattle Theatre Group (STG) as a Young Ambassador in 2018, and I am still one today! I have learned so much about arts administration, marketing/PR, self-producing, finding my path as an artist, and so much more. Some of my favorite STG events I've gotten to volunteer at/be a part of are: Sensory Friendly Performances (Lion King, Frozen), Student Matinees (Dear Evan Hansen), DanceThis Intensive, Disney Musicals in Schools, DOORS, and more!

During Summer 2020, I found myself missing theatre and my theatre family more than anything. I was hearing stories from all of my younger friends and kids I've taught in the past about how their schools were cancelling their theatre productions, and my heart was breaking for them. I had the craziest idea...what if I made an entirely online-based theatre company? TVTC's mission is to increase diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in the entertainment industry by providing quality arts education to young artists around the world. Over the past nearly two years, TVTC has reached over 300 artists around the world, and we are just getting started!

Through TVTC, I've made some amazing connections. I have worked with countless Broadway stars and industry professionals, and am so excited that I now get to watch them shine onstage and on screen, and then hug them afterwards! I joined Hannah Jewel Kohn's Jewel Focus program, and I also joined her incredible team for her company, Bringing You Broadway. I also was selected by Jennifer Apple to be a member of the inaugural cohort of her initiative called Empowered Artist Collective, and I trained with her and her co-founder Elise Melendez in performing arts career development! I also met Jade Zaroff, who recruited me to be an Impact Artist Ambassador at her nonprofit organization, Entertainment for Change. EFC partners with the United Nations SDGs and amplifies youth to create change in the world--all through art!

I love Disney, and musicals. My favorite Disney princess is live-action Princess Jasmine. Live-action is key here--when I was younger, I actually disliked the animated Princess Jasmine. My favorite princess was Belle. See, the animated Jasmine didn't DO anything! All she wanted was to marry someone she loved, but she didn't do anything like Belle did--Belle sacrificed herself for her father, and she was STRONG! But, the 2019 Jasmine has a full character arch--she doesn't want to just marry who she loves, SHE wants to be the Sultan. Another Disney movie I love is Frozen--and I also love the Broadway musical! I saw the First National Tour of Frozen at the Paramount Theatre FOUR TIMES...Yup, you read that right! I loved every moment of it! Some of my other favorite pieces of media/art/people include; the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Percy Jackson books, One Direction and all of their solo careers, literally everything Disney, and more!

I moved to New York City in mid 2021, and have been continuing my studies at NYU and Playwrights Horizons. I am planning on graduating in 2023 with a BFA Drama and BS Educational Theatre. During my time in NYC so far, I have seen as much live theatre as I possibly could, and have met so many incredible people as well! I got to see Wicked on Reopening Night--10 minute standing ovations, Kristin Chenoweth, and all. I got to see Jenny DiNoia perform as Elphaba another time--I met her via TVTC's Everything Broadway-- and she recognized me from the stage! I fell in love with Aladdin on Broadway--specifically Michael Maliakel and Shoba Narayan's incredible performances. They are both phenomenal and so inspiring to a young, aspiring brown actress like me! I could see that show every night, and I would cry every time. I also saw Harry Styles in concert four times...and I do not regret it one bit!

I am so excited to continue my work in creating a theatre industry that is diverse, inclusive, and accessible. I believe that theatre is one of the most powerful, impactful methods of change and art in our world. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

me at disneyland-truly the happiest place on earth!
cheesin' on film!
seeing harry styles on harryween dressed up as princess jasmine!
aladdin on broadway<3
new york baby!
heading to broadway with my bff!
harry styles again<3
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me and my younger sisters at a HS dance!
me and my friend jenn watching frozen 2!
my mom, grandma, and me!
my mini-me, lucy domingo!
i love chocolate milk!
my younger sisters are both way taller than me!
me, my sisters, and our almost-sisters in our aladdin tees!
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the bird girls!
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